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Hydrangea Coffee Roasters

Dynamic Cherry
Creativa Coffee District

Caturra - Dynamic Cherry - Creativa Coffee District

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Tastes Like: Blackberries, Dark Chocolate, Tiki

Origin: Creativa Coffee District, Panama

Variety: Caturra

Producer:  Enrique Pretel

Elevation: 1700 masl

Process: Dynamic Cherry

Enrique Pretel is a 77 year old coffee producer in Boquete. His farm is six hectares in size, currently cultivating 7,000 coffee trees. He has had the property for a total of 12 years, with eight of them devoted almost exclusively to coffee production. Enrique sees the potential value in coffee as a means to economic stability, and employs up to 10 people in the area to ensure the highest quality cherry. He thinks that art and coffee are the perfect combination to keep youth interested in the industry. When asked what color he identifies his coffee with, he responded purple, like a perfectly ripened coffee cherry.

The coffee that’s changing the game! Our expert coffee makers have created a coffee that’s not only delicious but also unique in its creation process. Dynamic Cherry undergoes an anaerobic fermentation in cherry between 72 to 96 hours in large blue tanks with air traps. This process allows the release of gases accumulated during the fermentation, which promotes the growth of yeast and lactic acid bacteria. This meticulous process produces a coffee with a profile of red fruits, silky and round body, and malic acidity. So, if you’re looking for a coffee that’s dynamic, complex, and full of body, look no further than Dynamic Cherry. With its unique profile and expert craftsmanship, it’s the perfect addition to any coffee lover’s collection.

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