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Rose Tea
Finca El Paraiso

Castillo - Rose Tea - Finca El Paraiso

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Tasting Notes: Rose Tea, Oolong, Cantaloupe

Origin: El Paraiso, Cauca, Colombia

Variety: Castillo

Producer: Samuel Diego Bermudez 

Elevation: 1960 masl

Process: Semi Washed with special fermentation

The process of this profile begins with the proper harvesting of the coffee cherries, at an optimum point of ripeness. Then the coffee cherries are disinfected with ozone, and they are transferred to the cherry fermentation tanks, in which an anaerobic fermentation process is carried out for 36 hours submerged in water. Then the coffee is pulped and demucilaginated; the mucilage and pulp are taken to the pilot plant to carry out the production of the specific microorganisms of the process and generate the culture medium that contains the precursors of aromas and favors produced in the fermentation, then this culture medium is added to the tanks fermentation for 20 hours to fix the precursors to the coffee beans through pressure. Then a thermal shock wash process is carried out to fix a greater amount of precursors and seal the coffee for a good drying process.


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