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Hydrangea Coffee Roasters

Hybrid Washed "Splash"
Creativa Coffee District

Gesha - Hybrid Washed "Splash" - Creativa Coffee District

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Tastes Like: Apricot, Raspberries, Carnation

Origin: Creativa Coffee District, Panama

Variety: Gesha

Producer:  Enrique Pretel

Elevation: 1700 masl

Process: Hybrid Washed "Splash"

Enrique Pretel is a 77 year old coffee producer in Boquete. His farm is six hectares in size, currently cultivating 7,000 coffee trees. He has had the property for a total of 12 years, with eight of them devoted almost exclusively to coffee production. Enrique sees the potential value in coffee as a means to economic stability, and employs up to 10 people in the area to ensure the highest quality cherry. He thinks that art and coffee are the perfect combination to keep youth interested in the industry. When asked what color he identifies his coffee with, he responded purple, like a perfectly ripened coffee cherry.


"Splash Cherry" Process
The coffee that’s been crafted with the utmost care and attention to detail. Splash is made using a unique process of fermentation, resulting in a truly unique taste that’s perfect for coffee lovers. Using only the finest cherries, Splash undergoes a depulping and goes through a short aerobic fermentation process of just 24 to 48 hours, ensuring that the coffee retains its natural flavor and aroma. And that’s not all - our expert craftsmen also add a special blend of lactic acid bacteria to further enhance the richness and complexity of the coffee. The result is a profile where we aim to highlight the terroir of Panama’s volcanic soil as well as the characteristics of the Geisha and Catuai varieties. If you are more into the classic and elegant profile, give it a try and discover the traditional flavors of Panama.

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