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Hydrangea Coffee Roasters

Wave Washed
Finca Soledad

Gesha - Wave Washed - Finca Soledad

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Tastes Like: Finger Lime, Gardenia, Mulberry

Origin: Finca Soledad, Imbabura, Ecuador

Variety: Gesha

Producer:  Pepe Jijon

Elevation: 1515 masl

Process: Wave Washed

'Wave' is referencing a temperature wave, going from higher temperature to lower temperature, utilizing fermentation tanks and refrigerators, in a sustained way that keeps the embryo alive.

Gesha Wave has gone through a 3-day cherry fermentation and then mosto juice from previous fermentations is added on during the last 2 days when the pH has gone down ‘naturally’. Essentially, in the coffee world, mosto is the result of the fermentation of clean, freshly picked ripe cherries in a medium with a low incidence of oxygen.

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