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Hydrangea Coffee Roasters

Cafe Granja La Esperanza

Mokka - Natural - Cafe Granja La Esperanza

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Tastes Like: Wild Strawberries, Oolong, Nutmeg

Origin: Finca Hawaii, Cauca, Colombia

Variety: Mokka

Producer:  Rigoberto and Luis Eduardo Herrera

Elevation: 1,400 - 1,530 masl

Process: Natural

Rigorous picking, with cherries color purple-grape. The Brix grades for the cherries must be above in range of 17 and 18 to obtain the amount of juices for a fermentation in whole cherries that last for 48 hours open air in special barrels. The temperature of the barrels is mesure every 10 hours to make sure is always in a range of 25° – 28°C.

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