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Hydrangea Coffee Roasters

Purple Caturra
Pina Colada Washed
Finca Monteblanco

Purple Caturra - Pina Colada Washed - Finca Monteblanco

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Tastes Like: Pineapple, Mint, Citrus

Origin: Finca Monteblanco, Huila, Colombia

Variety: Purple Caturra

Producer: Rodrigo Sanchez

Elevation: 1730 MASL

Process: Washed Co-Fermentation with Fruits and Yeasts

From the producer

For this process caturra purpura was chosen for its versatility in the preparation of
any process, thanks to its higher concentration of Brix degrees, added to this has a
large sweetness material that allows the microorganisms have an optimal area to
work, where some of them are extracted as lactobacillus and saccharomyses
cerevisiae, then begin to cultivate separately before incorporating them into the
coffee, giving way to a large scale where you get to produce a significant volume.

Once these microorganisms have been separated, a part of them is removed to
another new culture, the fruit that we as producers want to induce in the coffee is
added to give that flavor at the end, that is to say, to separate a mass of 80 liters for
a can of 200 liters of that mother culture to which we have already added fruit and
sweetened, with this it is taken to Brix degrees equal to the degrees that the coffee
already has; In order for this mother culture to reach its optimum state it takes 8
days, which is summarized in 190 hours of fermentation for the culture to process
together with the fruit until it obtains the Ph and the Brix degrees adequate to enter
the coffee.

In the case of this process as Piña Colada, we separate the microorganisms and
add Pineapple, Coconut Dehydrated and Liquor, then we start fermenting and
feeding the mother culture with some energizing base, such as molasses, sugar or
panela, providing the energy for the microorganisms to work, little by little we feed it
with fruit and candy until we achieve the preparation of the culture that is already
fermented and with an excellent load of microorganisms.

Subsequently the coffee that is collected is taken, Brix degrees are measured as
soon as the lot arrives at the reception site such as the hopper or place of floating,
100 grains are taken from the coffee mass to know the Brix degrees in which they
are found, we float and eliminate impurities and then proceed to pulp and deposit
inside the 200 liter plastic tanks completely sealed, pour the coffee and apply the 80
liters of the solution that is already prepared and comes with the fruit or flavor that
we want the product to taste like.

The coffee is incorporated and placed to ferment for 150 hours more, we take this
until the Brix degrees do not fall below 6 and the pH does not fall below 4, we have
discovered this point of balance for the coffee and to be able to highlight the notes
of the fruit in this case pineapple, we know that we do not want it to be an invasive
flavor so as not to alter or contaminate the coffee flavor but rather to bring the notes
of the fruits that we are inducing and fermenting, without forgetting that the main
base for the preparation is coffee.

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