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Hydrangea Coffee Roasters

Oxidator Washed
Finca Soledad

Sidra - Oxidator Washed - Finca Soledad

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Tastes Like: Grapefruit, Thyme Flowers, Raspberry

Origin: Finca Soledad, Imbabura, Ecuador

Variety: Sidra

Producer:  Pepe Jijon

Elevation: 1515 masl

Process: Oxidator Washed

The Oxidator processing method is a variation of the washed method. First, the coffee is left to ferment aerobically in the open environment to promote an oxidated fermentation. The coffee is then pulped and fermented in a sealed tank for 48 hours in its mucilage before being washed, then dried in both indirect and direct sunlight for 20 days.

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